Setting up multi-user access for MProfit Pro and Advisor

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    MProfit Advisor allows multi-user access, which allows you to share the SAME data across your local network. Thus, your back office can enter all the data and then financial advisors and partners can view the data on their computers as well. Setting up network access is very simple.

    Step 1. Once you have installed MProfit Advisor on the first computer, find out where the data is being stored.

    In most cases it will be located in \My Documents\MProfit Data\

    If it's not, in MProfit goto Tools and Settings -> Backup Data. There you will see "Portfolio Data Location", now in Windows File Explorer find that directory and right click on it and share it.


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    Step 2. Download and install MProfit Advisor on a second computer (download MProfit Advisor)

    Step 3. On the second computer goto the menu Tools and Settings -> Change Data Location. Then select the shared directory you setup in step #1. MProfit Advisor will restart and then you can see the data located on computer 1.

    Network Sharing Rules

    MProfit automatically locks the database based on who accesses the data first. There are two key triggers: the first person to open the MProfit Advisor and the first person to open a family.

    1. The first person to open MProfit Advisor will have full Read/Write access to create new families. Everyone else will see "All/Gadgets (READ ONLY)" in the left hand panel. This means only the first person can create completely new families.

    2. The first person to click on a family name will have full Read/Write access to add/delete/edit transactions in any of the portfolios and add new portfolios in the family. Every other person that access that same family will get Read Only access, they will see (READ ONLY) next to the portfolio name when it's open

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